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Alabama Annulment Laws

Marriage can be terminated by either divorce or annulment. Divorce is the termination of marriage but annulment is the court’s declaration that the marriage is void thus never took place. After the annulment both the partners can remarry.

To claim an annulment each state has designed some grounds. Under Alabama annulment laws, the annulment grounds are:


Consanguinity means blood relations. In Alabama, annulment is lawful if the marriage took place between close relatives like, father, mother, nephew, sister, uncle or aunt. If you have married any such like relative, you can get annulment in Alabama according to Alabama annulment laws.

Existence of Prior Marriage

If your spouse married you when s/he was already married, you can file for annulment in Alabama. You must be single to remarry. Otherwise the marriage will be considered bigamous and it is a valid ground for annulment.

Underage Marriage

You can get Alabama annulment, if you got married before the age of 14. You and your spouse must be more than 14 years to get married, otherwise the marriage will be considered null and void under the Alabama annulment laws.

Under the Influence of Alcohol

If you or your spouse were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you got married, it won’t be considered a valid marriage. You can get Alabama annulment under this annulment ground.


If either of the spouses cannot consummate the marriage, the marriage is considered void. You can file for Alabama annulment according to Alabama annulment laws.

Fraud & Duress

Duress is, when someone forces or threatens you to get married and, fraud is anything done by misrepresentation or by cheating someone. Any marriage which takes place under such like circumstances can be annulled in Alabama under Alabama annulment laws.
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