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Arkansas Annulment Laws

Annulment is a legal process of terminating an illegal marriage. Different states have different policies regarding annulment and divorce. One of the major differences, between annulment and divorce is, divorce is relatively easy to prove. You can get annulment in Arkansas, if you have a valid annulment ground which is recognized by Arkansas annulment laws. Following are the legal Arkansas annulment grounds:


Marrying a person by false tricks or misrepresentation is a felony and is a legal ground for annulment according to Arkansas annulment laws. Laws state that you can obtain annulment if your consent for marriage was gained by fraud or misrepresentation.


Duress is a valid ground for annulment in Arkansas. You can file for annulment under Arkansas annulment laws, if your spouse threatened or forced you into a marriage.

Bigamy or Existence of a Prior Marriage

According to Arkansas annulment laws, bigamy is a legal annulment ground. You can not have more than one spouse at a time and to get married with another person, divorcing from your existing spouse is mandatory.


Marrying full-blood or half-blood relatives is called consanguinity and such marriages are not recognized by the marriage laws of Arkansas. Therefore marriages between father-daughter, mother-son, uncle-niece, and aunty-nephew etc can be annulled under Arkansas annulment laws.
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