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Arizona Annulment Laws

Annulment is another legal way of ending a marriage. In annulment, the court declares that the marriage never took place. The major difference between divorce and annulment is that divorce is the termination of marriage whereas annulment is a legal decree declaring a marriage void.

The grounds for annulment differ from state to state depending on the annulment rate, rules and regulations of the state. According to Arizona annulment laws grounds for annulment are:


Fraud or misrepresentation is one of the major Arizona annulment grounds. If a fraudster commits any fake contract or misrepresents his/her partner, the injured party can claim an annulment in Arizona under the Arizona annulment laws.

Concealment of Disease

If a person is infected with any harmful disease (STD) and conceals this from his/her partner, the victim has the right to file for Arizona annulment.

Concealment of Crime

Involvement in any crime or in case of imprisonment and not disclosing it is a fraud and is a valid ground for Arizona annulment under Arizona annulment laws.

Inability to Consummate the Marriage

Arizona annulment can also be obtained if a person is unable to sexually satisfy his/her partner or refuses to have sexual relations.

Addiction to Drugs

Drug addiction is ground for annulment according to Arizona annulment laws. If your spouse is a habitual alcoholic or drug addict, you can file for Arizona annulment.
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