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Divorce Grounds in Arizona

Following are the main divorce grounds in Arizona:


Adultery is a sin and one of the divorce grounds in Arizona. If a spouse is cheating on his or her partner, the partner has a right to seek divorce from the accountable one.

Conviction of a Felony

Commiting or being involoved in any crime is a valid divorce ground in Arizona. There is no way to apology to the person who has committed felony. A person has the right to claim divorce if his or her partner is involved in criminal activities.


Abandonment for a duration of one year or more validates the claim for divorce in Alaska.

Physical or Sexual Abuse

Physical or sexual abuse is the most common divorce ground in Arizona. If a husband makes his wife have sexual relationship with other men, she can seek divorce. Same hods true for domestic violence.

Drug Abuse

It is globally accepted that a person loses his/her senses while s/he is under the influence of drugs. Drug abuse is also a legitimate divorce ground in Arizona.

Mutual Consent

Another divorce ground, in Arizona, is mutual consent of husband and wife over the decision of divorce.

Separartion without Reconciliation

Seperation without any effort to reconcile, for one year or more, is another divorce ground in Arizona.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for detailed information regarding divorce grounds in Arizona.

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