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Arizona Divorce Laws Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long must I be residing in Arizona to file for divorce?
According to the Arizona divorce law you are required to be a resident for at least 90 days before filing for divorce.

2. What happens if my spouse doesn't reside in the State of Arizona?
Arizona divorce law doesn't require the defendant to be a resident of the State of Arizona. This however complicates the divorce process.
3. What are the complications that occur when the defendant spouse doesn't reside in Arizona?
Under Arizona divorce law, the defendant spouse has to be served a notice. If the defendant spouse doesn't reside in Arizona, then the State of Arizona will utilize the services of a special process server, who will then deliver the notice.
4. How long does it take for the dissolution of marriage?
The Arizona divorce law requires that the defendant/respondent file his/her response within 20 days. In case that the respondent doesn't reside in Arizona the State of Arizona gives a 30 day period to receive the response from the respondent. Arizona divorce law allows divorce on no fault grounds and doesn't have a separation requirement for this. This allows a quick resolution of divorce cases in the State of Arizona.
5. How much does it cost to file for divorce in the State of Arizona?
The filing fee depends on the county of Arizona that you are residing in.
6. How do Arizona divorce lawyers charge their clients?
Arizona divorce lawyers either charge according to a set fee or on an hourly rate. It is important to clarify the fee arrangement.
7. How much can I be charged for hiring the services of an Arizona divorce lawyer?
This really depends on the complexity of your case, the financial health you are in, the fee normally charged by the Arizona divorce lawyer and the negotiating tactics you employ. You could be charged anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the complexity of your divorce case. However since, Arizona doesn't allow grounds for divorce the Arizona Divorce lawyers fee is normally a lot lower in comparison to other states.
8. Do I require any Arizona divorce lawyer?
No, you don't require any Arizona divorce lawyer but it is highly recommended to have one.
9. Can my spouse and I hire the same divorce attorney?
No, it is not possible for the same Arizona divorce lawyer to represent both spouses in the court of law in Arizona.
10. Is Arizona common law State?
No, Arizona divorce law isn't a common law marriage State.
11. Is Arizona a No-Fault State?
Yes, Arizona is a no fault State. In fact in the State of Arizona you can only file for no fault divorce.
12. How long does a couple have to be separated before filing for divorce in Arizona?
There are no separation requirements under Arizona divorce law. In many ways Arizona, allows an easy divorce.
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