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Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Litigation is never simple and the process is a time consuming affair. Choose the right attorney and things will go well in a court. Choose the wrong attorney and you get a bad deal.

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Why the Hassle?

Contested divorces require the services of a seasoned practicing divorce attorney.  The rule here is simple, more the issues during marriage, and more the issues to be settled in court. The better the divorce attorney you hire, the smoother the settlement will be.

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

The divorce attorney is your advocate and represents your concerns in legal terminology, so that you have a fair settlement. Keep in mind, financial issues are always secondary to choosing the right divorce attorney. The financial issues can be worked out later. Before choosing the divorce attorney you must ask yourself the questions listed below:

Questions That Will Lead You to the Right Divorce Attorney

  1. How many years of experience do the divorce attorney has in family law?
  2. What is the success ratio for similar cases tried by the attorney and the number of similar cases the attorney draws his\her experience from?
  3. How was the divorce attorney in court? Was he professional, quick to respond, quick to object, subtle to the nature of trial?
  4. Does the attorney have any out of court settlements? If so how many?
  5. Does the divorce attorney understand issues such as parental alienation?
  6. Can the divorce attorney settle practical custody cases? Is s/he capable of settling a highly contested custody dispute?
  7. Has the State ever disciplined the divorce attorney?
  8. How well do you trust the divorce attorney?
  9. Will the divorce attorney be able to defend you fairly and competently in court?
Once you have answered all the questions, make sure you don’t hastily walk into the divorce attorney’s office and sign on the dotted line. Give it some time to sink in.

The Decision

This decision is too important to be made hastily. Go over all the questions once more after clearing your mind of your last decision. Why? Well, because practice makes perfect. In fact when you are going through the questions once more, you will be more objective in your approach. You will be considering things that you had forgotten to consider before. Once you have repeated the process, you would have also cleared up certain doubts that you may have had before. More importantly you will be more confident about your divorce attorney.

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