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Divorce Articles

  • Cheaters and Infidelity: What To Look For, What To Do
    Suspicion of infidelity is a horrible thing. Not only does it cause insecurity and anxiety, but also fear, sleeplessness, depression. And, it can completely occupy your thoughts and mind all hours of the day and night.

  • Divorce and Taxes - Are your Taxes affected by Divorce?
    Divorce can affect your taxes to a great extent. During the litigation period, do not get too wrapped up in the emotional effects of divorce as to stop communicating with your spouse altogether.

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  • Marriage Counseling - Can you stop your divorce?
    Divorce is a resolution to an unhappy marriage. No marriage is ever problem free. Sometimes marriage is unbearable. But, do all problems in married life lead to divorce?

  • Critical Mistakes That One Makes During the Divorce Process
    Many people marry and find out that they have made a mistake. They go on and make one more critical mistake by filing for divorce without a divorce plan.

  • Divorce Process - Building Life After Divorce
    Divorce is the result of a miserable marriage. Life after divorce isn't easy either. A lot of effort and determination is required from the divorcee to re-establish life.

  • Divorce - Blessing or a Curse
    Started to think about filing for a divorce? To make a decision to end your married life is not an easy one.

  • Divorce Rate - U.S.A
    Divorce rate in America has shot up to unexpectedly high level. The rising trend in US divorce rates has caused concern in political, social and religious circles of the country.

  • Divorce - Seven Sets of Documents Needed
    If you are considering divorce, you should have a clear idea of the documents which you might require. Whether it is a contested divorce or an uncontested one, you will be better-off if you have secured the required divorce documents and placed them (along with their photocopies) at a safe and accessible place.

  • Money Matters and the Post Divorce Financial Plan
    Many divorcees consider that money matters were unjustly handled by their spouse during the marriage. After divorce they find themselves with a number of financial burdens. This happens largely because they didn't have a post divorce financial plan.

  • Divorce - How Premarital agreement affects Divorce?
    Prenup agreement or prenuptial agreement is a legal contract which overlooks the emotional aspect of the relationship and takes into account financial safety of the persons intending to marry.

  • Divorce - What are the effects on Property planning?
    Are you ready to loose your inherited or hard earned wealth because you have been lax in property planning?

  • Separation - Is Divorce the Only way out of an Unhappy Marriage?
    No marriage is ever trouble free. All individuals have needs and when both spouses fail to reach a compromise over certain issues, divorce seems to be the likely outcome. There are alternatives to divorce.

  • Things I should know before I take a divorce
    Divorce brings with itself a variety of issues which are hard to ignore. Ignorance of these issues can cause a major emotional and financial set back. However coping up with them is not difficult if you are mentally prepared. Knowledge of these issues will equip you with the power to face them. Before you file for a divorce, take into consideration all of them.

  • Why women seek divorce?
    Contrary to what men think, women in the American society try their best to save their marriages. The fault lies in the very nature of the average American husband that, leads to divorce.
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