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Issues Arising from Divorce in the US


Marital Liabilities

Divorce is a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage contract in whole or in part. Divorce really releases the husband and wife from all matrimonial obligations. But, there are certain obligations that were taken during marriage that still need to be accounted for after divorce, marital liabilities.

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The term marital liabilities refer to whatever a spouse is liable for after the dissolution of the marital contract. Life after divorce isn’t simple.  As a divorcee, you fall under a lot of financial stain. On top of all the spiraling expenses that are eating through your expenses, there are bad credit ratings scaring the credit reports. The fees of the divorce attorney fall under the responsibility of each spouce and are marital liabilities.

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Splitting up Marital Property

Divorce is a formal separation of a married couple. Splitting up marital property is separation and distribution of the couple's property and assets according to the separate property system or the community property system.

Traditionally there have been two distinct legal systems in our country. One system is known as the community property system and the other known as the separate property system. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Money Matters and the Post Divorce Financial Plan

Many divorcees consider that money matters were unjustly handled by their spouse during the marriage. After divorce they find themselves with a number of financial burdens. This happens largely because they didn't have a post divorce financial plan.

Divorce itself is an expensive affair, especially if a divorce attorney gets involved on either side. The emotion taxing divorce process is further burdened by inflation and taxes. Then there are all those legal documents that require some money to change; for example your will, joint savings account, single account with spouse authorization. All these costs add up and eat away any savings that the couple might have had.

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