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Iowa Annulment Laws

Annulment is a legal procedure of terminating an illegal marriage. The major difference between divorce and annulment is that a divorce is the termination of a legal marriage while annulment is the ending-up of a void marriage.

The grounds for annulment differ from state to state depending on the annulment rate and the laws of the state. Iowa annulment grounds under Iowa annulment laws are:


Misrepresenting or getting the consent of marriage by fraudulent acts is a felony. You can obtain annulment if your spouse misrepresented him or herself at the time of marriage.


Incest means having marital relations with too close a blood relative. Iowa annulment laws strictly prohibit marriages between parent/child, stepchild, grandparent/grandchild, aunt/nephew, uncle/niece etc. Such marriages are not recognized by the marriage laws and thus can be annulled under Iowa annulment laws.

Mental Incapacitation

According to Iowa annulment laws, you can obtain annulment if your spouse has a mental illness which is beyond cure.

Physical Disability

If your spouse has a physical disability which is adversely affecting your married life, you can file for annulment under Iowa annulment laws.

Underage Marriage

According to Iowa annulment laws, marriages of spouses under the legal marriageable age, without the permission of court or parents, are invalid. And therefore such marriages can be annulled.
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