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Idaho Annulment Laws

An annulment is the court’s declaration that the marriage never took place. In Idaho, people prefer divorce over annulment because it is hard to prove annulment grounds set by Idaho annulment laws. Following are the grounds for annulment under the Idaho annulment laws:

Underage Marriage

Marriage of a person under the age of 18 without the consent of his or her parents, guardian or the court, is considered illegal in Idaho. Such a marriage can be annulled under the Idaho annulment laws.


According to Idaho annulment laws, you can claim annulment if your spouse was already married when s/he married you.

Mental Incapacity

If your spouse is mentally ill, either completely or partially, and this is adversely affecting your married life, you can obtain annulment according to the Idaho annulment laws.


If one of the party’s consent for marriage is obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, the victim can file for Idaho annulment.


Impotency is a valid ground for annulment according to the Idaho annulment laws. However to get an annulment on this ground, you have to prove that your partner is unable to consummate the marriage.


If you have been forced or threatened into a marriage, you can get annulment under the Idaho annulment laws.
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