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Divorce Grounds in Illinois

Following are the major divorce grounds in Illinois:

Irreconcilable Differences

The basic aim of marriage is to establish a mutual relationship. Irreconcilable differences can affect marriages adversely. If you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences, you can claim divorce legally using this divorce ground in Illinois.


If your spouse is impotent, you have a right to seek divorce.


If your spouse has married you while he or she is already married, the marriage will be considered void and bigamous. This divorce ground in Illinois is constituted for the victim spouses to divorce the accountable ones.


Like other states, adultery is a divorce ground in Illinois too.


Desertion by a spouse, with no contact whatsoever, is a legitimate divorce ground in Illinois.

Habitual Drunkenness

If your spouse is a habitual drunkard, you can claim divorce. But this divorce grounds in Illinois will be valid only if your husband or wife has been a habitual drunkard for 2 or more years.

Attempt on the life

Attempt on your life by your spouse entitles you to divorce him or her.

Extreme and Repeated Physical Cruelty

Under this divorce ground in Illinois, a spouse can divorce his or her partner if he or she is bearing physical abuse.

Extreme and Repeated Mental Cruelty

Likewise if your spouse is verbally abusing you thus making you go through mental torture, you can file for divorce.

Conviction of a Felony or Other Infamous Crimes

Involvement of a spouse in any crime negatively affects the marriage life. You can seek divorce if your spouse in engaged in suchlike activities.

Infecting the Other Spouse with STD

Infection of a spouse with an STD disease is a legitimate divorce ground in Illinois. If you think your spouse can infect you with the STD disease, you can file for divorce.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for detailed information regarding divorce grounds in Illinois.

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