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Indiana Divorce Laws, Attorneys & Family Laws

Divorce rate for Indiana State was not known for almost few last decades. The reason was that divorce rate exceeded the proportion at which people were getting married. Earlier divorce rate according to the year 1998 was 5.8% per 1,000 of the population. The up to date statistics have calculated it at 0.38% per person per year.

Indiana has both no-fault and fault divorce grounds on the basis of which divorce is granted. Generally the no-fault divorces take more time and are contestable. However to get a divorce on fault ground, you have to come up with a valid fault ground recognized by Indiana divorce laws.

In Indiana divorces are more common than annulment, because divorces are easier to seek. Annulment requirements are severer than the requirements for getting a divorce. Furthermore there are strict time limits for seeking an annulment.

For professional information regarding divorce and annulment, consult a divorce attorney or divorce lawyer in your state. They are available to guide you towards the lawful ending of the marital relationship.

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