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Kansas Annulment Laws

Annulment is the court’s declaration that the marriage never existed. It is a legal process to nullify a marriage. People in Kansas prefer divorce over annulment because it is hard to prove Kansas annulment grounds. Both the parties have the right to remarry after getting an annulment.

Following are the valid annulment grounds set by the Kansas annulment laws:


Fraud or misrepresentation is a legal Kansas annulment ground. If your spouse has misrepresented him or herself to get married with you, you can bail out by filing for annulment under the Kansas annulment laws.


If your spouse was already married when s/he married you, according to Kansas annulment laws, you can obtain annulment.


Impotency is also a major annulment ground in Kansas. If your spouse is impotent and this is adversely affecting your married life, you can claim annulment under Kansas annulment laws.


The term consanguinity refers to blood relations. According to Kansas annulment laws, both you and your spouse can file for annulment in case you are blood relations like, father and daughter, mother and son, sister and brother, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, grandfather and granddaughter or grandson and grandmother.

Mental Disability

According to Kansas annulment laws, you can obtain Kansas annulment if your spouse is mentally disabled beyond cure.
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