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Kentucky Divorce Laws Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long must I be a resident of the State of Kentucky before being able to file for divorce?
You must be a resident of the State of Kentucky for either 180 days or 6 months (whichever is longer) before being eligible for filing divorce.

2. Can I divorce my spouse even if my spouse doesn't reside in Kentucky?
Yes, Kentucky divorce law doesn't require your spouse to reside in Kentucky.
3. Is Kentucky a No-Fault State?
Yes, Kentucky dissolves marriages without requiring fault on part of any spouse.
4. How long will it take for me to divorce my spouse?
There is no such thing as a quick divorce. Marriages can be quick but, divorce is normally a slow process. Some divorces take a few months while others take more. There have been divorce cases that took years to finalize due to the complexities of these cases. It really depends on how quickly you can reach a divorce settlement.
5. Is there any filing fee for divorce in Kentucky?
Yes, there is a filing for divorce which varies from county to county.
6. How do Kentucky divorce lawyers charge their clients?
Kentucky divorce lawyers either charge by the hour or they charge a predetermined fee.
7. How much can my divorce cost me?
According to national statistics, on average a divorce costs $18,000.
8. Can I represent myself?
Absolutely, it is your legal right if you decide to do so. However, I strongly recommend against doing so. A Kentucky divorce lawyer will represent you and your interests better.
9. Do we need to hire two different Kentucky divorce lawyers to represent us in court?
Yes, it is required that both spouses be represented separately.
10. Does Kentucky legally recognize a common law marriage?
No, the State of Kentucky doesn't legally recognize common law marriages.
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