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Massachusetts Annulment Laws

An annulment is the court’s declaration that the marriage never existed or it is invalid. As compared to grounds for divorce, the annulment grounds are tough to prove. Massachusetts annulment laws say that, both the parties have the right to remarry after getting an annulment.

To get annulment in Massachusetts, you have to prove one of the following grounds for annulment set by Massachusetts annulment laws:


Incest means having marital relations with too close a relative. Massachusetts annulment laws strictly prohibit marriages between parent/child, stepchild, grandparent/grandchild, aunt/nephew or uncle/niece.

Mental Incapacity

Mental incapacity is a state in which a person loses his mental faculty permanently or partially. You can get your marriage annulled under Massachusetts annulment laws if your partner is mentally incapacitated.

Fraudulent Act

Misrepresentation or fraud to get married is a valid Massachusetts annulment ground. You can file for annulment under Massachusetts annulment laws if your spouse has misrepresented him or herself to make you marry him or her.


Duress is, if a person forces or threatens you into a marriage. According to Massachusetts annulment laws, duress is a legal annulment ground.


You can claim an annulment under Massachusetts annulment laws, if your spouse was already married when s/he married you.
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