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Michigan Annulment Laws

Annulment in Michigan is rare; this is because people prefer divorce over annulment because it has a relatively less complicated procedure. Annulment is a legal decree declaring a marriage void. After annulment both the spouses can remarry.

A person petitioning for annulment must prove a valid ground recognized by Michigan annulment laws. Michigan annulment grounds are:

Bigamy or Existence of a Prior Marriage

Michigan marriage laws clearly state that both the spouses must be single at the time of marriage. Annulment becomes legal under Michigan annulment laws, if a person is already married and enters into a new marriage without divorcing.

Mental Illness

Partial or complete mental illness is a valid annulment ground according to Michigan annulment laws. It is illegal to marry a mentally disabled person.

Physical Disability

If your spouse has a physical disability which is adversely affecting your married life, you can get your marriage annulled in Michigan.

Venereal Disease

This is a legal and common Michigan annulment ground. If your spouse is infected with a sexually transmittable genital disease, you can obtain annulment under Michigan annulment laws.
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