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Missouri Annulment Laws

Missouri annulment laws define annulment as a decree passed for a marriage which is void or a marriage which never was. In Missouri, annulment decree is very rare. There are two reasons for this, i.e. the Missouri annulment grounds are few and divorce is no longer considered a social stigma.

Due to the rarity in Missouri annulment, laws recognize the following grounds:


Duress is, compelling someone to get married under violence or threat. A forced marriage can be annulled under Missouri annulment laws.

Mental Illness

Missouri annulment laws allow you to file for annulment if your spouse is mentally incapacitated.

Lack of Assent to the Marriage

The most essential part of a marriage is the assent. Missouri annulment laws state that both the parties must marry with mutual assent. Otherwise the marriage is not valid.


The spouse claiming an annulment must legally prove that the defendant is impotent and beyond cure.

Underage Marriage

According to Missouri annulment laws, annulment becomes legal if the person is under the age of 15 years and enters into marriage without the consent of the parents.

Same-Sex Marriage

Marriages between same sex partners are not recognized by Missouri state laws. Such marriages can also be annulled under the Missouri annulment laws.


One person can not be married to two according to Missouri state laws. Such marriages are considered bigamous. If you did not know your spouse was already married at the time s/he married you, you are entitled to file for annulment under the Missouri annulment laws.
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