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Montana Annulment Laws

The basic purpose of annulment is to terminate an already illegal marriage. All the 51 states of US have their own annulment grounds which differ from state to state. People in Montana choose divorce over annulment due to the fact that the grounds set by the Montana annulment laws are hard to prove. Following are the Montana annulment grounds:


Fraud is a legal annulment ground in Montana. If you have been cheated into a marriage or your spouse has misrepresented him or herself, you can obtain annulment under Montana annulment laws.

Mental illness

Mental illness is a state in which a person looses all his senses. If your spouse is insane and the insanity is affecting your married life you can file for Montanan annulment.

Bigamy and Polygamy

Getting married to two persons at the same time without giving divorce to the first one is known as bigamy. Polygamy is, when a person gets into marital contract with more then two spouses. Bigamy and polygamy both are annulment grounds according to Montana annulment laws.


Incest is, when a person enters into marriage with a close relative. Montana annulment laws restrict marriages between, mother and son, father and daughter, uncle and niece, and brother and sister.

Physical Disability

If physical disability in your spouse is affecting your married life, you can obtain annulment under Montana annulment laws.
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