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North Dakota Annulment Laws

The basic aim of an annulment is to declare an illegal marriage void. In annulment, marriage is treated as it never existed. Divorce rate is much higher then annulment because divorce grounds are relatively easy to prove. The annulment grounds differ from state to state. The North Dakota annulment grounds set by North Dakota annulment laws are:

Fraud & Duress

Getting the consent for a marriage by force or duress is a crime. If you have given your consent for the marriage under a threat or duress, you can get annulment under North Dakota annulment laws.

Mental Illness

According to North Dakota annulment laws, you can get annulment, if your spouse has some mental illness.

Physical Disability

If your spouse has a physical disability which is affecting your relationship, you can get your marriage annulled under North Dakota annulment laws.

Bigamy and Polygamy

Bigamy is when a married person enters into another marriage without divorcing from his or her first spouse. Polygamy is, when a person gets into marriage with more than two spouses. Both bigamy and polygamy are illegal according to North Dakota marriage laws and are valid grounds for annulment under North Dakota annulment laws.
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