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North Dakota Divorce Laws, Attorneys & Family Laws

North Dakota has divorce rate of 2.7% per 1,000 of the population, which makes it 4th lowest in the nation.

You will find both no-fault and fault grounds for divorce in North Dakota. Most commonly divorce is granted on no fault ground. However for fault ground divorce a substantial proof must be furnished before the divorce court.

According to statistics of 2002, there were round of 30,968 hearings for the declaration of nullity in North America. It means over 80% of people wish to get their marriage annulled. But churches and courts have made the process so difficult that no one can establish it. The reason because of which some people choose annulment is that they want to remarry in church for a matter of honor and to be safe of the stigma of divorce.

We suggest you to receive a professional divorce lawyer’s advice, before any furtherance of divorce process. For professional information regarding divorce and annulment, consult a divorce attorney or divorce lawyer in your state.

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