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Nebraska Divorce Laws

Nebraska has following divorce laws:


In order to file for a divorce under Nebraska divorce laws, both spouses are required to meet the residency requirements. Only on this condition the Nebraska divorce court has jurisdiction of the divorce case. These residency requirements are only for spouses who have recently relocated or intend to relocate. The requirement is as:
  • No action for divorce case will be brought unless at least one of the applicants has lived in Nebraska State with an intention of making Nebraska his or her permanent home for at least one year prior to the filing of the divorce case.

Documents Required for Filing Divorce

Nebraska divorce laws require you to have following documents:
  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Final Decree of Divorce

Distribution of Property

Nebraska is generally considered as “equitable distribution" state. According to Nebraska divorce laws, martial property is divided equally. If spouses are unable to reach any agreement regarding property distribution, the divorce court uses the following three-step method:
  • First court will determine what property is marital and what is not
  • Second, according local real-state value, court will decide appropriate value of the marital property
  • Third, the court will divide this property in an agreeable way, not necessarily equal, rather what is considered to be a fair

Change of Name or Restoration of Name

Once divorce is approved and granted both applicants can take up their pre-marriage names.

Mediation Counseling

If child custody is a disputed issue in a divorce case in Nebraska, the court is likely to order both the parents to submit to mediation. Both parents are also requested to go for joint custodial arrangements.


Nebraska courts may order alimony during divorce case proceeding, if it feels it is appropriate. According to Nebraska divorce laws, Nebraska courts also have the full authority to award maintenance to both applicants, for an unspecified period and/or a fixed period.

Child Custody

In Nebraska, all divorce courts consider the following aspects when making a decision regarding child custody:
  • The desires and wishes of the parent or parents or child
  • The desires and wishes of the child, which can be communicated by the child him/herself.
  • The interrelationship of the child with his/her both parents, siblings and any other person who may affect the child’s best possible interest
  • Overall health, welfare and social behavior of the child.

Child Support

To settle child support issues, applicants can get help from a Nebraska divorce court. Under Nebraska divorce laws, the court will grant its own decision based on financial situation, merit, burden and other different aspects of case.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for comprehensive divorce laws information of your state.

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