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New Hampshire Annulment Laws

Annulment is the declaration of court that a marriage is void or the marriage never existed. The purpose of divorce and annulment is same i.e. both are used for terminating a marriage. In comparison with divorce it is much difficult to get an annulment because the annulment grounds are few and difficult to prove. Following are the grounds for New Hampshire annulment set by New Hampshire annulment laws.

Same-Sex Marriage

Same sex marriages are not recognized by the New Hampshire marriage laws. Such marriages can be annulled under New Hampshire annulment laws.

Addiction to Drugs

According to New Hampshire annulment laws, if your spouse is involved in habitual intoxication of drugs or liquor like opium, cocaine or morphine, you can obtain annulment.

Mental Incapacity

If your spouse is mentally ill either permanently or partially and the illness is affecting your married life, you have a right to file for annulment under New Hampshire annulment laws.


A marital relationship with a close blood relation is incest i.e. mother-son, father-daughter, uncle-niece, and brother-sister. Such marriages are null and void and can be annulled in New Hampshire.

Physical Disability

If any physical disability in your spouse is hindering you from having a normal married life, you can obtain annulment under New Hampshire annulment laws.
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