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New Hampshire Divorce Laws, Attorneys & Family Laws

Divorce rate in New Hampshire is high in weighing against other states. Divorce rate in this state is 5.0% per 1,000 to the total population.

New Hampshire is considered a liberal state. But you will find both no-fault and fault grounds for divorce in New Hampshire. But if the grounds are fault based, then there must be pertinent evidence shown against it, else the case will not be forwarded for further undertaking. However, about 98% of divorces in this state are based on no-fault divorce grounds. Annulment in New Hampshire is not in common practice. Annulment exists rarely because its grounds are hard to prove.

It is a good to have a divorce lawyer representing you, because there are certain technicalities you may miss out during a divorce case otherwise. For professional information regarding divorce and annulment, consult a divorce attorney or divorce lawyer in your state.

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