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New Mexico Annulment Laws

Annulment is a process in which court determines that the parties were never legally married and the marriage is void or null. To get an annulment in New Mexico, you have to prove one of the annulment grounds recognized by the New Mexico annulment laws:


If your spouse has married you by employing fraud or misrepresented him or herself, you can get annulment under New Mexico annulment laws.


If you have been threatened or forced into a marriage, you can obtain annulment according to New Mexico annulment laws.

Mental Incapacity

Under New Mexico annulment laws, annulment is legal if your spouse is mentally ill and it is affecting your married life.

Physical Disability

According to New Mexico annulment laws, you can file for annulment if your spouse has some physical disability and it is adversely bearing on your relationship.

Bigamy or Existence of a Prior Marriage

New Mexico marriage laws clearly state that both the spouses must be single at the time of marriage. Annulment becomes legal under New Mexico annulment laws if a person is already married and enters into a new marriage without giving divorce to the first one.
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