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Divorce Grounds in New Mexico

Divorce grounds in New Mexico are categorized into:

According to the state law the grounds must be proved with sufficient evidences.

No-Fault Divorce Grounds in New Mexico

The sole no-fault divorce ground in New Mexico is;


Incompatibility because of miss match or conflict of personalities, results in destruction of the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship. With this no reasonable expectation of reconciliation are left. Thus you can file for divorce under this no-fault divorce ground in New Mexico.

Fault Divorce Grounds in New Mexico

The Fault Divorce grounds in New Mexico are as under:


A generally found divorce ground in almost all states is Adultery. Divorce on this ground is only announced by New Mexico court if it is proved that the defendant spouse has been involved in a collusive involvement in a sexual intercourse with a third party other than the legitimate spouse. After the provision of substantial proof, the divorce court grants divorce on this divorce ground in New Mexico.

Cruel and Inhuman Treatment:

Cruel and inhuman treatment is a fault divorce ground in New Mexico. It stands for domestic hostility, harassment, verbal and physical abuse. The State court of New Mexico grants divorce if any obvious conduct of hostility and cruelty is observed.


If a spouse pulls back the support or help, in spite of all loyalty or carefulness by the other spouse, for the minimum period of three months, other spouse can obtain divorce according to the court law of New Mexico.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for detailed information regarding divorce grounds in New Mexico.

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