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Ohio Divorce Laws-Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the essentials of divorce in Ohio?
Ohio divorce laws have followingg essentials for filing a divorce:
  • The spouse who is claiming an Ohio divorce must be a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months, and a resident of the country for not less than 90 days.
  • The plaintiff should choose a legal divorce ground on the basis of which divorce will be declared.

2. What is the difference between divorce, annulment and dissolution?
A divorce is a legal separation and termination of a marriage. It is a lawful end up of marital relations through court order. Only one party can file for divorce.

An annulment is the order of the court declaring the marriage illegal and the marital status void.

Dissoultion of a marriage means termination of a marriage on no-fault basis in which both the spouses agree upon all the issues and request the court to declare the divorce legal. In dissolution both the parties can claim a divorce.
3. What are the main issues which are considered in an Ohio divorce?
The main issues considered in an Ohio divorce are, custody of a child, child support, spousal support, division of property and debts.
4. For how long do I have to support my spouse?
According to the Ohio divorce laws, the time period for spousal support or alimony ranges from 24-48 months depending on the conditions of a divorce.
5. What is the basic purpose of divorce court?
A divorce court is there to resolve issues and to provide justice to every spouse.
6. According to the Ohio divorce laws, what is the differnce between separation agreement and divorce agreement?
Separation agreement is one in which both the parties signs an agreement to live separate and apart while still being legally married. Whereas in divorce agreement, the court decrees to terminate the marriage.
7. Is it essential to hire a divorce lawyer for a separation agreement?
According to Ohio divorce laws, there is no requirement of a divorce lawyer to claim a separation. But you must know all the paperwork of separation agreement.
8. Can we both hire the same divorce lawyer?
No, the same divorce lawyer can not represent both you and your spouse at the same time. You have to hire different divorce lawyers even in case of uncontested divorce.
9. How will an Ohio divorce court decide the child custody issue?
According to the Ohio divorce laws, the court must give supreme importance to the the interest of a child whiule deciding child custody issue. The court also takes in account other issues like financial stability, attitude of the spouse towards child and others and decides whether the spouse is eligible for custody or not.
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