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Oklahoma Annulment Laws

Annulment is a decree ending an illegal marital relationship, while a divorce is the termination of a legal marriage. The Oklahoma annulment laws state that the court has the right to declare a marriage void. To claim an annulment in Oklahoma, one must prove any of the following grounds set by Oklahoma annulment laws:

Mental Incapacitation

Oklahoma annulment laws state that a mentally incapacitated person can’t enter into a marital contract. If your spouse is mentally incapacitated, you can obtain Oklahoma annulment.

Underage Marriage

According to Oklahoma annulment laws, if a person has not attained the legal marriageable age specified by Oklahoma marriage laws, s/he can’t get married. However if you have done that, you can get your marriage annulled in Oklahoma.


Fraud is a legal annulment ground in Oklahoma. You can get annulment in Oklahoma if your spouse obtained your consent for marriage by fraud or by misrepresenting him or herself.


Entering into a marriage with too close a blood relation is known as incest. Oklahoma annulment laws restrict marital contracts between, mother-son, father-daughter, uncle-niece, brother-sister and the like.


Impotence is a valid annulment ground according to Oklahoma annulment laws. If your spouse is impotent, you can get your marriage annulled in Oklahoma.
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