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Child Visitation Rights

According to a research more than 50% of the children are growing-up in single parenting environment in USA. A vast majority of couples are either divorced or separated. Since children can not live with both of the parents in case they are divorced, one parent is given the physical custody and the other one is given visitation rights. Child visitation rights are given by the court to the non-custodial parent to visit the child on daily or weekly basis. The spouse who gets child custody is called custodial spouse and the one who gets the child visitation authority is a non-custodial spouse.

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Grandparent Visitation Rights

Grandparent's visitation right is a recently constituted law. In the past, grandparents had no visitation rights to visit their grandchildren after a divorce. In 70s, the divorce courts of all the states of US granted, grandparents, visitation rights. Grandparents can file a petition under these visitation rights, if parents of their grandchildren are restricting their children from meeting their grandparents. Under grandparent visitation rights, grandparents are even granted child custody in case the parents are imprisoned or mentally incapacitated.

Divorce Rights

You need to know what are your rights and duties before you go for a divorce. Knowledge is no doubt power, the better informed you are on your rights, the better chance you have to get the maximum benefits. Divorce rights vary from state to state and involve different aspects.

Parental Rights

Parental rights mean that you have the authority to make decisions regarding education, health and other issues of your child. Divorce disrupts the life of all parties involved, especially that of children. Divorce laws have been constituted to save the children involved from as much damage as possible. Therefore children’s wishes are entertained when it comes to deciding child visitation and child custody rights. However some rights are reserved for parents, which are called parental rights.
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