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South Carolina Annulment Laws

Annulment and divorce are used in the same sense that is for dissolution of a marriage. An annulment is the court’s declaration that the marriage never existed or is void. South Carolina annulment laws say that, both the parties have the right to remarry after getting an annulment. Following are the annulment grounds set by South Carolina annulment laws:

Mental Incapacity

South Carolina annulment laws state that a mentally incapacitated person cannot enter into a marital contract. If your spouse has a mental illness, you can claim annulment under South Carolina annulment laws.


According to South Carolina annulment laws fraud is a legal annulment ground in South Carolina. If your spouse misrepresented him or herself or tricked you into marriage, you can obtain annulment in South Carolina.

Underage Marriage

A marriage of spouses, younger than the set legal marriageable age, can be annulled under South Carolina annulment laws.


To get annulment on this ground constituted by South Carolina annulment laws, you have to show a medical proof of your spouse’s impotency.


Marriage under duress means compelling or threatening someone into a married. This is a valid annulment ground according to South Carolina annulment laws.

Venereal Disease (STD)

If your spouse is infected with a sexually transferable disease, you can obtain annulment in South Carolina.
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