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Temporary Agreement in the US

A good alternative to filing for a limited divorce is that both spouses should enter into a “temporary agreement”. This agreement will grant the same orders which are otherwise achieved through the limited divorce. However, in this case the couple does not need to go to court. This agreement is achieved in a mediation setting.

Temporary agreement is most suitable for couples who are already living separately or are thinking of separating. This makes it easier for couples or spouses who are not yet emotionally ready to enter into a final divorce or separation agreement or do not want to enter into a final agreement due to certain practical reasons. This agreement allows a couple to separate in a respectable and well organized way, having reached mutual decisions regarding immediate financial needs of the family and the care of the children.

A temporary agreement can also serve as an intermediate step for couples who are contemplating divorce but are not entirely sure of their decision and think reconciliation may be possible. (Consult a divorce lawyer or divorce attorney in your state). It also serves as an intermediate step for couples who are very sure they want to file for a limited divorce, but want to avoid the hassles of filing for a limited divorce in court for the time being. It also makes the transition from the married to single state (absolute divorce) easier for people as it provides extra time and deals with issues between separation and actual divorce.

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