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Tennessee Annulment Laws

Annulment is a process in which the court declares that the parties were never legally married and thus the marriage is declared void or null. As compared to divorce, annulment is relatively difficult to obtain. Following are the Tennessee annulment grounds constituted by the Tennessee annulment laws:

Existence of a Prior Marriage

Tennessee annulment laws clearly state that both the spouses must be single at the time of the marriage. If a married person enters into another marriage without giving divorce to the first spouse, claim for annulment becomes legal under Tennessee annulment laws.


If you have entered into restricted degrees of kinship i.e. have had sexual or marital relations with your natural parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, stepparent, stepchild, adoptive parent, adoptive child, brother, half brother sister, half sister, adopted brother, or adopted sister then it is incest. It is a valid ground for annulment under Tennessee annulment laws.

Incurable Insanity

If your spouse has incurable insanity, you can obtain annulment according to Tennessee annulment laws.


Marriages made under duress or force can be annulled under Tennessee annulment laws.


Fraud is anything done by misrepresentation or by cheating someone. If your spouse has gained your assent by fraud, you can obtain annulment in Tennessee.

Underage Marriage

According to Tennessee annulment laws annulment will be legal, if a person under the marriageable age, stated in Tennessee marriage laws, enters into marriage without the consent of the parents or the court.


If your spouse is impotent and this is affecting your marital relationship, you can get annulment according to Tennessee annulment laws.

Pregnancy by Another Man

If your wife has gotten pregnant by another man you can obtain annulment under Tennessee annulment laws. However to get annulment on this ground, you have to provide a substantial proof testifying your claim.
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