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Divorce Grounds in Texas

The divorce rate of Texas is 4.1 per 1000. You can file for a divorce decree under the following divorce grounds in Texas:


Adultery, like in many other states, is also a divorce ground in Texas. You can obtain divorce if you have proof of your spouse’s involvement in any kind of sexual intercourse with a third party.

Conviction of Felony

Conviction of felony or misdemeanor is also lawful divorce ground in Texas. Both you and your spouse have the authority to declare divorce against the liable spouse.


Abandonment by your spouse for a period of one year or more validates your claim for divorce under this divorce ground in Texas.

Confinement in a Mental Hospital

If your spouse is mentally incapacitated and your married life is seriously being affected by it, you can obtain divorce under this divorce ground in Texas.However the petitioner has to prove repondent’s mental incapacitation.


Cruelty is a common divorce ground in Texas. On this you can file for divorce if you have been experiencing physcial or verbal abuse at the hands of your spouse.

Living Separate or Apart for Three Years

If you and your spouse have been living apart or separate for a period of three years or more, both you and your spouse can file for a divorce decree under this divorce ground in Texas.


According to this divorce ground in Texas, both of the spouses are entitled to file for a divorce decree if the marriage becomes insupportable because of conflicts or incompatability. The court establishes for itself the fact that the marriage is beyond any hope of reconcilation before granting divorce under this divorce ground.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for detailed information regarding divorce grounds in Texas.

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