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Utah Annulment Laws

According to Utah annulment laws, annulment is a legal decree to end-up an illegal or void marriage. Due to its complexity usually annulment is avoided by most of the couples. Divorce is relatively cheap and easy to get. To get annulment in Utah, you have to have a valid annulment ground recognized by Utah annulment laws. Following are the valid grounds for annulment under Utah annulment laws:

Fraud and Duress

According to Utah annulment laws, duress and fraud both are valid annulment grounds. You can file for annulment if your spouse has threatened, forced or cheated you into a marital contract.

Mental Illness

Under Utah marriage laws, a mentally incapacitated person can not enter into a marriage. If your spouse has a mental illness, you can obtain annulment under Utah annulment laws.


Utah marriage laws do not allow bigamous relationships. You can file for annulment under Utah annulment laws if your spouse was already married when s/he married you.


If your spouse is impotent and this is directly or indirectly affecting your married life, you can obtain annulment according to Utah annulment laws.


The term consanguinity refers to blood relations. According to Utah annulment laws, consanguinity is, getting married to a close relative like, father/daughter, mother/son, sister/brother, uncle/niece or aunt/nephew. It is a valid ground for annulment in Utah.
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