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Divorce Laws – Washington D.C

Washington D.C has following divorce laws:

Residency Requirements

Washington D.C divorce laws require you to meet set residency requirements before you file for a divorce. The divorce court may not accept a divorce case if it does not come under the jurisdictional powers or rights to hear the divorce case of the court. Usually such a case is not accepted and when accepted it is eventually dismissed.

Residency Requirements in Washington D.C

The residency requirements in Washington DC are:
  • For filing a case, either spouse must be a resident of Washington D.C for a period of atleast six (6) months.

Documents Required for Filing Divorce in Washington D.C

According to the Washington D.C divorce laws, you require following documents to initiate and finalize a divorce:
  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Final Decree of Divorce
Some other documents which you may require are:
  • Affidavit of Corroborating Witness
  • Financial Affidavit
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit Regarding the Children

Distribution of Property in Washington D.C

Washington D.C. is an “equitable distribution" state, so as per Washington D.C divorce laws, martial or community property is equally distributed amongst you and your spouse. In case you and your spouse are unable to reach a viable solution, the divorce court will distribute your community property by using the three step process dictated by the divorce laws of Washington D.C:
  • Segregation of marital or community property from individual property.
  • Set a value for the marital or community property in keeping with the current property prices.
  • A fair distribution of marital or community property. This distribution is not necessarily equal.

Change of Name or Restoration of Name in Washington D.C

According to the Washington D.C divorce laws, you and your spouse can take up your former names once you have filed for divorce.

Mediation Counseling in Washington D.C

Court may order one or both spouses to attend a brief parenting education class before divorce is finalized. Mediation is applicable only if there are minor children involved.

Alimony in Washington D.C

Washington D.C divorce laws dictate a permanent or temporary alimony during case proceeding if the court feels it is required. Various financial factors with the exception of marital fault are taken in account by the court, before this decision is taken.

Child Custody in Washington D.C

Child custody (whether Joint or Shared) is another major issue dealt by the Washington D.C divorce laws Legal, shared and joint child custody are covered under this divorce law. Physical and joint custody are settled in keeping with the child’s interests.

Child Support in Washington D.C

According to the Washington D.C divorce laws, child support issues are dealt in accordance with the District of Columbia child support worksheet. If you and your spouse are unable to reach a workable solution, child support amount will be decided by the court in light of work sheet dictates regarding child support.

Contact a professional divorce attorney or divorce lawyer for comprehensive divorce laws information in your state.

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