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Washington Divorce Laws, Attorneys & Family Laws

Divorce rate in Washington is above the median point. It is 4.5% per 1,000 of the total population.

As specified by family court law, you will find only no-fault divorce grounds in Washington. It means there is no requirement of proof for obtaining divorce. The court shall dissolve the marriage upon the ground that the marriage was irretrievably broken. When filing for divorce, in addition to the divorce form, a certificate from health department must also be field.

Annulment in Washington is not liked for certain reasons. Therefore courts and churches have made the procedure of annulment difficult, so that it is only opted for in genuine cases. Divorce is a relatively easy way to dissolve the marital relationship and therefore preferred.

A divorce attorney, equipped with a specialized knowledge of the divorce law, custody, and related issues, can help you with filing as well as contesting a divorce. A divorce lawyer will also make you fully aware of your own rights and obligations in this complex field of law. For professional information regarding divorce and annulment, consult a divorce attorney or divorce lawyer in your state.

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