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Wisconsin Annulment Laws

Annulment is a legal decree terminating an already illegal marriage. To get annulment in Wisconsin, you need to have a valid annulment ground recognized by Wisconsin annulment laws. Following are the legal Wisconsin annulment grounds:

Underage Marriage

If you or your spouse is under the legal marriageable age that is 16 years, you cannot get married without the permission of your parents or court. However if you have gotten married, both you and your spouse can obtain annulment under Wisconsin annulment laws.

Mental Incapacitation

It is a state in which a person looses all the senses and does not have enough discretion left to judge things. To obtain annulment on this annulment ground, you have to give a surgeon’s certificate seconding your claim.

Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

According to Wisconsin annulment laws, if your spouse is involved in habitual intoxication of drugs or liquor like opium, cocaine or morphine, you can obtain annulment.


Fraud is a valid annulment ground in Wisconsin. If you have been tricked into a marital contract, you can bail out by filing a petition under Wisconsin annulment laws.


Getting the consent for marriage by force or duress is a crime. If your spouse has forced or threatened you into a marriage, you can claim Wisconsin annulment.

Physical Disability

Physical disability in a spouse is a legal annulment ground according to Wisconsin annulment laws. You can file for annulment if physical disability in your spouse is adversely affecting your married life.
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